7 simple tips against swollen feet

Foot massage

(and why feet actually swell)

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Swollen feet in summer are not uncommon. The high temperatures quickly lead to water retention. The consequence: the feet swell. While swollen feet are an aesthetic problem for some people, others have unpleasantly sore feet. This does not have to be the case. With the following tips, your feet will become slim again in no time.

Causes for swollen feet

Dehydration and lack of blood circulation lead to water retention in the tissue. Especially on the feet, the accumulation is quickly felt and your feet swell.

Swollen feet in summer

If temperatures rise above 30 degrees, the heat often makes itself felt on the feet. The body lacks sufficient fluid to compensate for the high temperatures. To gain supplies, your body stores water in the tissues and your feet swell.

Swollen feet due to excessive salt consumption

Even those who like to add salt can cause swollen feet. The salt binds the water and the legs and feet can swell.

Swollen feet before menstruation

Swollen feet in women can be caused by hormones. In this case, swollen feet occur shortly before menstruation. At the latest with menstruation, the feet swell again by themselves.

Swollen feet during pregnancy

Swollen feet often occur during pregnancy. The baby slows down the backflow of blood and ankles and feet swell up.

In connection with high blood pressure or a particularly rapid weight gain, you should consult your gynaecologist. In an emergency, the symptoms may indicate pregnancy poisoning

Swollen feet due to hypothyroidism

In an emergency, swollen feet can also indicate an underactive thyroid gland. The body is not sufficiently supplied with the hormones and water retention can occur.

If the swollen feet occur in conjunction with frequent fatigue, irregular menstrual bleeding or weight gain, you should contact a physician.

Feet in water

What helps against swollen feet?

With a few easy to implement means, your feet swell quickly again. With these seven tips, your feet will soon fit into any shoe again.

1.) Drink enough

Since the accumulation of water in the foot is usually due to a lack of fluid, it is often sufficient to drink enough. Depending on the weather and your performance, you should drink about 2.5 - 3 litres of fluid daily.

Tip: Lemon water is particularly suitable. This is an additional way to counteract deposits.

2.) Taking dehydrated teas

Two cups of tea a day for dehydration can quickly remedy the situation. You can use a special tea mixture for this purpose. Alternatively you can use capsules. Green tea and nettle tea also drain effectively.

3.) Eat draining food

Nutrition can also influence your feet. Reduce your salt consumption and fatty foods. Instead, it is helpful to resort to dehydrating foods.

For example, potatoes, rice, watermelon and lettuce make the water retention disappear.

4.) Take in sufficient magnesium

Magnesium relieves swelling. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to pay attention to the magnesium content of your food. Nuts and bananas are good sources of magnesium, for example. Alternatively, you can take magnesium in the form of a food supplement.

5.) Make sure you get enough exercise

Sufficient exercise is important for good blood circulation and thus for your feet. You do not have to complete a fitness programme for this. A short walk every day makes a big difference.

You can also move your legs from time to time. Stretch, bend and circle your legs and feet from time to time. Whether in front of the television, in the office or in front of the coffee machine - consciously stimulate your blood circulation.

6.) Alternate showers for better blood circulation

Alternating showers also stimulate the blood circulation. You can shower your whole body alternately or just your legs and feet. In this way you stimulate your blood circulation and your circulation. Always end the shower with cold water.

7.) Cooling helps with acute pain

Cool your feet with cold compresses or take a cold foot bath. This will relieve the pain and swelling for now.

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