Goodbye wool socks. We are looking forward to sandals, sunshine and beautiful feet!

Feet in spring

Soon the grey winter days will belong to the past. In March the first daffodils begin to bloom. The daffodils introduce spring and we are prepared! Don't you already enjoy the idea of walking barefoot over a green meadow again soon? We are looking forward to sunshine and spring fever. One more reason to get your feet ready for spring!

In winter well hidden and matured - thick layers of callus hide your beautiful feet!

Calluses, pressure points, cracked heels or even corns? Don't panic. Calluses on the feet probably bother almost every foot after hibernation. But how do you remove your cornea effectively and painlessly? The possibilities are numerous - the effective offers, however, which really do conjure up beautiful feet without the risk of injury, are limited.

Grinding, planing, cutting and Co. - How do you remove calluses on the feet properly?

The skin is the largest organ of our body with a total area of 2 square meters. It protects against external influences, regulates our body temperature and moisture. Roughly divided, our skin consists of three layers: the subcutis, the dermis and the epidermis. If the epidermis thickens, this leads to the so-called callus. You can find more about corneas under the category Worth knowing.

Besides the cosmetic discomfort, cornea can even cause pain and unpleasant odours. But how do you get rid of the dead skin cells? For the time being: The cornea plane does not belong on the feet. It may serve a purpose in your toolbox, but there is a high risk of injury on the skin and you will not get a good result anyway. Also rasp, file and pumice stone are not very recommendable. Your skin will be rough but not very attractive. Grandma still knew it best. Her approaches are probably the one good alternative. The skin needs to be soaked! But it must also be removed. Mr. Fuss has Granny's advice followed and developed further. Now you can easily get beautiful feet.

That's the way to do it:

For beginners we recommend the Mr. Foot Starter Kit. It contains everything you need. From the soaking solution to the ideal care, everything is included in this set. Now you only need 20-30 minutes time per foot. Now it goes to the collar of the cornea! Place a thin layer of special cotton wool on your heel. Wet the cotton wool with the corneal dissolving solution. Now press the cotton wool with the bottom of the bottle onto the skin. Now put your feet up and relax. Let the solution take effect in peace. Afterwards your cornea is softened. Its consistency now resembles that of wine gums. You can now gently remove the jelly-like calluses with the blunt slider. Then wash your foot and start with the next foot.

Mr. Foot Cream with Urea

Beautiful soft feet - the right care for permanently beautiful feet

Now that you have said goodbye to your superfluous skin layers, it is time for the right foot care. Your feet should be given sufficient moisture and at best the callus formation should be counteracted. High quality products are particularly recommended, which provide your feet with the care they deserve. Ideal components for foot care are urea and evening primrose oil.No2-200ml-open-158prCNFOvm6ZuK

High quality care with urea - natural moisturising care

Urea offers natural moisturizing care and prevents your feet from drying out. In addition, it preserves the natural protective function, loosens superficial skin flakes and counteracts the formation of new calluses. We therefore recommend one with a high urea content.

Evening primrose oil - A true treasure in the right recipe

Evening primrose oil is a true all-rounder. Apart from its cosmetic benefits, it is also used in alternative medicine for complaints such as rheumatism or breast cancer. The miracle cure can also enrich your feet. Evening primrose oil has a natural moisturising effect without putting additional strain on the skin. The linoleic acid it contains has a high fat content and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Especially for your feet, however, is the contained oleic acid. It loosens the cell membranes and also nourishes your lower skin layers. However, with evening primrose oil the proportion and combination with other components is of enormous importance. Mr. Fuss offers well thought-out formulas for your optimal foot care.

The nails follow on the foot - How to cut your toenails correctly

When cutting toenails there are always misunderstandings. The wrong cutting of toenails can have serious consequences. Again and again one reads that the nails are to be cut straight. The consequences: Nasty edges, ingrown nails, even bed of nails. We will inform you. Soften your nails first. This makes it easier to cut and your nails will not form cracks. A short foot bath in lukewarm chamomile water is quite sufficient. Now dry your feet and shorten your toenails "toe-like", i.e. adapted to the shape of the nails. For the big toe, nail nippers with a curved cutting edge are recommended. Nail nippers shaped like the toes make it easier to shorten hard nails and ensure the correct shape. For the little toes, nail scissors are usually sufficient. Afterwards you can massage in some nail oil. Now your toenails are also top-groomed!

Spring can come!

Now your feet are ready for spring. Make yourself some hot tea. The last hours of winter will certainly pass in a flash and you can now enjoy the first rays of sunshine, very comfortably, while the others are standing in the drugstore, asking for the right way, in the jungle of corneal ablation!

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