Are you an activist?

A little polemic.

Don't be a sheep. Don't do what everybody does just because everybody does it. Use your head. Think for yourself. Find your own solutions. Be curious find your way. Be dynamic, keep moving, because statics is standstill.

What is important for your inner attitude is also important for your body and as an old Latin saying says "mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body) this is a condition


for the other.

Don't waste time. Use every opportunity to keep your body in shape. Give it what it deserves and understand that it is your body that is always the basis for everything from physical well-being to freedom to think the right thing. Your body is always the foundation.

With MR. FOOT we want to support you in keeping your body, your foundation, in shape, in caring for it, in improving it, because we understand that a healthy body is one of the most valuable.

That's why we encourage you to be mobile. Be alive, both physically and mentally. Be an activist!

Throw your passivity overboard and don't be fooled by an X for a U. Break the mainstream flow. What the masses do is not always the right thing, it is rarely the best thing. Act individually. Get smart. Get informed, find your own way. This one will be the best.

With MR. FUSS we have a lot of experience with not always hanging the flag in the wind or swimming against the current. For more than 10 years we have been offering people a now perfected but still extraordinary method of cornea removal, which offers many advantages over all known methods of this special form of foot care. And even though we would have to rip this product out of our hands for this reason alone, and this, our form of cornea removal, for all the common sense it should be normal, and all the others the extraordinary, it still remains a daily struggle full of persuasion to educate more people and help many. Because on the other side there is an almost overpowering industry, with a system that does not necessarily follow reason, but mostly rather the laws of profit. Not what is best is sold, but what promises the most profit.

You find this circumstance in all areas of life. We believe that this development is wrong and that our society will be better if more people think outside the box. With MR. FUSS, we now want to take the next consistent step, strengthened by the successes of the past years. From now on MR. FUSS stands for activity! For us, it is the key word that brings everything to the point.

The country needs more activists, fewer sheep.

You begin by giving your body the greatest possible appreciation. Be there. We're in. We support the activist in you.

Start with the pedicure! Walk an extraordinary path, and be amazed at the effect that walking off the beaten track can have:

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