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Jasmine is thrilled! So are we.


Found at one of our offers on This is where customer Jasmin got to the heart of the matter with her description. Many customers have probably gone and left in this or a similar way. Not many customers take the trouble to publish their enthusiasm. Understandably so, because it takes a little effort and costs valuable time. All the more reason [...]

Feets finally can be shown in sandals again!

Well, is there such a thing? Decades of unsuccessfully trying to give the feet a good performance, but in the end preferring to hide the two extremities? Oh yes, there is. We at Mr. Fuss know that what Gabriele bravely reports about her own failures in her evaluation of the Mr. Fuss Starter Kit Excell [...]

Cool stuff! Thanks Dani for saying it.

That's one way to look at it. Mr. Fuss is "cool stuff." Right. That's how we see it. In a nutshell, customer "Dani" describes her experience with the Mr. Fuss Plus Pack (bought and rated on Amazon) and what her boyfriend says about it. And what do you want to say, exactly like that [...]

Thanks Melli!

From time to time we receive messages from our customers. Often because you are very happy about the application and the experience that you have gained from it, which you did not know before. For us, such news are a reward for the efforts and efforts we make in this one matter "corneal removal" against [...]

Mr. Fuss makes even dogs happy...

It's hard to believe, but apparently even dogs profit from the fabulous effect of Mr. Fuss. So you can read in the following customer letter which reached us via e-mail these days. We are especially pleased when and when customers, like here, share their experiences without being asked. Honestly, is there a better advertisement? We thank you [...]