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Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz on the wrong track

This work "jan und olli", is a derivative of "Jan Böhmermann in Rostock 2014 04.jpg" by Jonas Rogowski, and "Olli Schulz 0040.JPG" by Franz Richter both used under CC BY SA. It is licensed under CC BY SA 3.0 by [Arwin_Dustdar]. A few open lines Friends of the podcasts of the two opinion leaders and media heroes know it [...]

For real? 40€ for a sander?

For years we have been preaching "grinding leads to more calluses and makes the feet rough". But the industry cares very little about that. Every few years the wheel is reinvented especially for the enlightened consumer. In our economic system this is called the urge to innovate. And what exactly does the economy have to do with cornea removal? Very simple: in [...]

The jungle camp revealed: unkempt feet have the makings of a scandal!

A WARNING FROM CURRENT CAUSE! Fans of the cultivated trash entertainment with cult factor already know from the pre-reporting of the current season of the Jungle Camp. As Gunter Gabriel prepares to take part in the latest edition, the anniversary season of Bootcmap, the tabloid press reports that he, perhaps in wise foresight of the image-damaging effect of unkempt extremities, is going to put his feet [...]

Are you an activist?

A little polemic. Don't be a sheep. Don't do what everybody does just because everybody else does. Use your head. Think for yourself. Find your own solutions. Be curious find your way. Be dynamic, keep moving, because statics is standstill. What applies to your inner attitude is also important for your body and like an old Latin [...]

Cornea removal with a scalpel Pedicure victims on television

Absolutely worth seeing for everyone who is interested in the topic pedicure, is a report that was on television yesterday, on the channel SAT1. Ulrich Meyer shows in the file 2014 the contribution "Dumping pedicure in the test (watch video here)". It is clear that Mr. Fuss, as a representative of cut and friction-free cornea removal, pays special attention to the [...]