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9 days live in Nuremberg!

From today until 5 November Mr. Fuss Live at Consumenta 2017 For those who can enjoy not only entertaining entertainment but also valuable information in the coming days, a visit to Consumenta in Nuremberg is recommended. The friendly Mr. Fuss promotion partner will also be there. And as always, there will be a special offer next to [...]

Tomorrow we start again! 9 days Mr. Fuss live in Wächtersbach

If you have always wanted to see live how the gentle removal of cornea or cuticles works, and if you are in the Wächtersbach area in the coming day, then a visit to the 69th Wächtersbach trade fair (20.5.-28.5.2017) might make sense for you! The Mr. Fuss promotion partner is once again on the road for you, and [...]

Baltic Sea fair in Rostock 2017 - on soft soles

For those who do not have carnival on their agenda these days and are in the Rostock area, we recommend a visit to the Baltic Sea Fair in Rostock. From February 22nd to 26th, more than 200 exhibitors will once again show a lot of remarkable things there, for young and old, for children and cones. Also the Mr. Fuss Promo-Partner has again [...]

Now back at Consumenta 2016 - experience Mr. Fuss live

With 1,200 exhibitors, Consumenta 2016 is, as every year, one of the largest consumer fairs in Germany. There is a lot to see and experience, and Mr. Fuss' promotion is also there again. Great offers and a live presentation worth seeing can be found in hall 7A-B12. All information about the fair on the homepage itself And for everyone [...]

Cornea removal on Müritz Sail

UPDATE: The 14th Mürritz Sail from 14.05. to 17.05.2015 will take place again with the friendly Mr. Fuss promotion partner. Experience on site how easy hand and foot care Do it Yourself can be today and save money in promotion! Every year in May, this year for the 13th time, in the heart of the [...]

Stromerwachen Warnemünde, near Rostock

Visit the Baltic Sea coast this weekend and experience the traditional Stromerwachen in Warnemünde. A coastal festival with all kinds of variety from the opening with free beer to the boat rental, the barrel organ meeting to the oldtimer show, there is a lot to see and experience from 30.04. to 03.05. If you no longer need your [...]

Augsburg Fussziniert!

Because starting next weekend, the live program from Mr. Fuss will continue. AFA 2015 is the 67th new edition of Swabia's largest consumer show. Up to 100,000 visitors enjoy the numerous attractions each year, from 5 different theme worlds, this year under the motto "Land of Ideas". It is certainly a good idea to have a [...]

Mittelbayern we come!

Because then it's "stone age was yesterday" again, when the friendly Mr. Fuss partner will demonstrate to you on site how timely foot care and cornea removal can look like. Throw away your stone age tools. Cornea removal can be simply gentle and careful, with Mr. Fuss. How easy it is with cornea removal can be seen at the MIBA 2015 from [...]

Cornea removal on the promenade

And who should not be missing at such a beautiful event? That's right, Mr. Fuss is there too! Because during the Easter event, along the promenade in Warnemünde, there will be the presentation of the nice Mr. Fuss partner among other offers. And that means for all interested visitors: Now it's all over! Because whoever is at [...]