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6 reasons to put your feet up more often

feet up

"I should just put my feet up." I suppose you've used that phrase before in modified form. Most of the time, of course, it means to relax and just do nothing. In fact, putting your feet up relaxes the body and relieves tension. But the raised position of the legs has many more [...]

When cosmetic foot care is no longer sufficient

To podiatry or not?

Signs that you should see a podiatrist What is a podiatrist? A podiatrist is a medical chiropodist He deals with podiatry, which is the non-medical medicine of the foot. This means that a podiatrist may also perform medical treatments on your foot. Cosmetic pedicure, on the other hand, only provides for nursing and cosmetic changes. […]

7 inspiring nail polish trends for the winter 2019/2020

The first snowflakes are falling from the sky and the Christmas spirit is slowly returning. Winter has arrived in Germany and with it the new nail polish trends! From elegant pearls and contrasts to new nail art trends, everything is there. Let us inspire you. 1.) Pearls now also decorate your nails This winter pearls are the trend accessory bad [...]

16 effective tips against cold hands and feet in winter

cold hands

The cold season dawns. The first ones have already dug out gloves and cuddly socks, because hands and feet are already freezing. Especially women are often considered to have frostbite. But what is the reason for this and what really helps you with freezing hands and feet? We will tell you! Why do your hands and feet freeze in winter? Especially the hands and [...]

Hands leave an impression: How your hand care influences the first time you get to know them

shake hands

The first impression is formed within the blink of an eye. Your subconscious mind scans your counterpart and forms a picture of him that is difficult to correct. Within 90 seconds, you have made up your mind and decided what you think of your conversation partner. Your hands are your business card for your personal hygiene and your self-worth. Thus [...]

The best food for healthy nails

Fingernails nutrition

Toenails and fingernails serve as tools in our daily life. They protect our toe and fingertips and help us, for example, when peeling oranges. We also like to present our nails as a visual accessory. Brittle nails, on the other hand, look unattractive and even accelerated nail growth would please many a woman. With the right nutrition [...]

Fashion trend barefoot shoes: They really are that healthy

Barefoot shoes

Walking barefoot is healthy. We've probably all heard that before. But walking barefoot in shoes? Not really possible. The running style should be as close as possible to walking without shoes in order to promote naturally healthy feet. But are the shoes really healthy and for whom can they even become dangerous? The health concept of barefoot shoes Our running style is changing [...]

This is how you can make your baby boomer nails yourself with nail polish

Babyboomer Fingernails

Babyboomer Nails make your fingernails look especially natural and are very trendy. In the studio Babyboomer is the most popular look and there are already numerous instructions for do-it-yourself work. However, since most of them require a lot of nail equipment and a UV lamp, this article will present a simple version, with nail polish and without UV gel, [...]