Cool stuff! Thanks Dani for saying it.

That's one way to look at it. Mr. Fuss is a "cool stuff". Right. We agree. In short and to the point, customer "Dani" describes her experience with the Mr. Fuss Plus Pack (bought and rated on Amazon) and what her boyfriend says about it. 

And what do you want to say, that's exactly how it is. Dani writes in her Review:

Very practical!

Cool stuff. It's a little gross at first. But I worked on my feet with it maybe twice during the summer and had the rest of my life in peace. Didn't have to constantly rub the rasp under the shower. My feet are super soft and my husband was also more than enthusiastic.

Thank you Dani for pointing out one of the main advantages of Mr. Fuss: In summer 2 x the feet made and all the time you had your rest.

Can Mr. Fuss do magic? No. The reason is simple. Usually, rubbing and grinding also grinds healthy skin (besides the callus and underneath). Well, and friction and pressure creates calluses. That's the whole story. You grind and end up with more calluses than before. 

Not so with Mr. Fuss. Cornea is softened within a few minutes and can then be removed very gently without force. Soft like jelly. No grinding, no unwanted increase of cornea = remove less often.

Almost magical!

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