That's the snag! What your hands and feet say about you

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In times of social media, selfies and co., people usually want to consciously control what they reveal to the outside world. A good job in a big company? That's what we like to share. But we prefer to keep quiet about the fact that our office is like a broom closet. Privacy seems enormously important to us, but do we actually still know ourselves?

The feet show your inside

The way you handle your feet is revealing. While the condition of your hands reflects your relationship to the outside world, your feet show how you deal with yourself. Do you also pay much more attention to your hands? Typical for our age and yet fatal. Our hands are not buried under socks and shoes. Everyone can see them. Accordingly, they must be presented to the outside world. Nobody has to see our feet. So in the stressful everyday life the feet can be ignored - nobody can blame us for that, can they? Of course not. Except you. Because the way you treat your feet reflects how you treat yourself. Do you consider your feelings? Your needs? Your desires and fears? Strengthen your connection to your inner self. Start with your feet and you will see how you perceive yourself again.

The shape of the foot gives a deep insight

The shape of your feet betrays your lifestyle and your inner attitude.

This is how big feet betray that you want to achieve something big.

People with big feet subconsciously want to change something in the world. Often they are withdrawn, honest people with a vision or with self-doubt to meet your needs.

People with wide feet, on the other hand, want to do something meaningful above all else. They usually need little recognition and live by their moral standards. These people are often perceived as restless, because they always find a meaningful task. Lazy hanging around on the couch, on the other hand, is something they are reluctant to do.

Narrow feet want to enjoy life

People with narrow feet want to lead a relaxed life. They like to let others work for them. Often they know better how to do something and criticize foreign approaches. Inwardly they are usually sensitive people with a sharp mind, but with little enthusiasm for work.

Hands on top of each other

The hands show your relationship to the world

If your hands are clearly more well-groomed than your feet, you probably care a lot about what your fellow human beings think of you. You always want to make a good impression and be accepted by the outside world. If your fingernails are also constantly painted, it is also important to you to influence what the outside world finds out about you.

The manicure is your message to the outside world

How you prepare your fingernails reveals your subconscious messages to the world.

Thus silicone nails betray that you would like to defend yourself more often.

You often accept things that you are not really satisfied with. Often you do not dare to enter into a conflict and accept the situation dissatisfied.

Black nail polish wants to deter and to make displeasure clear

Sounds like a cliché? I guess. Anyone who travels with black nail polish wants to stand out from the crowd and thus from the outside world. There is usually a conflict with the current situation. The world seems dark and this image of the soul is supposed to deter all the optimists from seeking contact.

Red fingernails on the other hand want more attention.

If, on the other hand, you like to wear red nail polish, you will want more attention. At the same time you want to warn your counterpart about your temperament and avoid dangers. Red fingernails want attention above all else. However, this can also come from a distance. They usually do not appreciate intrusive gestures.

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The article was too superficial or totally exciting?

You find the topic totally exciting and want to learn more? Or do you want to know more about yourself, your hands and your feet? The article was largely based on the book "the traces of the soul - what hand and foot reveal about us" by Ruediger Dahlke and Rita Fasel, written. I can warmly recommend this book to you if you would like to take a closer look at this topic. The book is written in a very understandable and entertaining way. It invites us to appreciate our feet and therefore ourselves. I found it really inspiring.

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