Thanks Melli!

From time to time we receive messages from our customers. Often because you are very happy about the application and the experience that you have gained from it, which you did not know before. For us such messages are a piece of reward for the efforts and efforts we make in this one thing ".Corneal Removal" against a huge industrial sector.

A user has us these days apparently out of pure joy over your positive experience with Mr. Fuss via Facebook. The effort she has made is worthy of respect, because Melli (as she calls herself) has put a little more than a few lines on paper (or, as they say today, pixels). That's why we thought it would be appropriate to publish this letter, and we're especially happy that Melli gave us your ok for this.

Well, read it for yourself:

Dear Mr. Foot Team,

I was thinking about writing to you. But I just need to...

I don't know how I came across you. Probably via and since I am a woman and spent a lot of money on various cosmetics I saw here my last chance. At my family my order did not go down so well...was immediately stamped again under buying frenzy...poisonous stuff...etc. Immediately I got a bad conscience. Well then...2 days later the package was there and I started immediately. And I am thrilled!

D a n k e ! Seriously. I am 27 years old and my feet felt 65! I've been planing, filing, rasping and cutting for half an eternity. And why? Because I didn't know any better. Each time you felt the furrows... the feet were N I E as soft as now. I was already afraid of the real 65 and now I am relieved that I don't have to have disgusting old horny feet. After the first application the feet are freer...cleaner...without bumps or rough spots. The cornea can be wiped off super easy. And after I asked my pharmacist nurse about the ingredients the fear of any toxic acids was gone. Everything super harmless...nothing harmful to health and even the smell of the solution is mega neutral. Nothing stinks. Yes, the first purchase is a bit more expensive for now. But a pedicure as I know it and was satisfied costs 40€...that every 4-6 weeks is a thousand times more expensive than 1-2 times in the year 35€...yes, I use cream now in the morning and evening...and have used the product also a 2nd time...and the enthusiasm continues. Don't be is worth it and I don't understand why this product is not used by podiatrists and beauticians. is great and keeps its promise. Finally I have tender, well-groomed, free and beautiful feet with which I will be footed properly under the blanket in the future, dear Mr. Foot Team....take the pedicure reign under your nails... because you have earned it. Irrevocably.

(This had to be said)

Best wishes, your now new loyal customer Melli

Dear Melli,

we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your message and the effort you have made. This is not an everyday occurrence and we were particularly pleased.

Your Mr. Fuss team.

It remains to add that you can also have the same experience. Melli is certainly not an isolated incident. Grinding and cutting, as it is practiced hundreds of thousands of times a day, ultimately leads to an extension of the problem! Exactly the way Melli described it. Say adé to rough heels and rasp, pumice stone or plane. You will find everything you need in our shop. Here are a few recommendations:

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