The jungle camp revealed: unkempt feet have the makings of a scandal!


Fans of the cultivated trash entertainment with cult factor already know from the preliminary coverage of the current season of the Jungle Camp. As Gunter Gabriel prepares to participate in the latest edition, the anniversary season of Bootcmap, the tabloid press reports that he is having his feet prepared for the voyeurism spectacle, which lasts up to 14 days, by his medical chiropodist Moni "She's the best!

"I want my toenails to shine as I roam the jungle"the country bard is quoted as saying. That's right. Here someone has recognized that the condition of these supporting body parts, which are usually not in direct view, can become more important in the special television format.

Helena Fürst will probably soon learn that exactly this condition, feet groomed or not, has what it takes to become a national scandal, if she studies the press reports after her retirement. Because when the "Princess of Darkness" ( yesterday against Sophia Wollersheim with all kinds of body parts for counting animals and vermin, revealed itself horrible at the latest when feeling for mud crabs:

The Kölner Express is of the opinion "what was revealed makes any hairy hobbit's foot seem aesthetically pleasing" and underlines the event with a suitable photo.

Also can not resist a comment, and finds that "the feet of Helena look anything but princely". And on Helena Fürst's feet are immediately honored as "Horror of the day"! And journalist Andreas Maciejewski finally commented in his live ticker on " entertainment" at 23.05 o'clock:

"I am now truly not a fan of feet. But I can't look at those Helena cabbage stompers anymore. I'm going out for a minute.

Well, that's how it goes for everyone if you have to reveal your unkempt feet unprepared. Of course, it's especially bad when an A, B or C celebrity gets into such a situation and the media and press landscape obviously doesn't have any more important topics to fill the content.

We think it's funny!

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