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Is the now common abbreviation on the Internet for a page listing frequently asked questions on a topic. Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions in connection with Mr. Fuss' products or about the function of this website.

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Questions about the anti-corneal, anti-wax system

I feel like I need so much of the solution?

The opposite should be the case if used correctly. It depends on the correct application. Please take special care to divide the cotton wool into extra thin layers before use. The thinner the better. Wet the thin layer of cotton wool with the solution and press the now moist cotton wool with the lid of the solution against the skin so that the skin shimmers through the moist cotton wool.

That's right, and you really need a few ml of the solution for each application.

Can I use Mr. Foot Solution No. 1 or also No. 4 on open blisters or open wounds?

Unfortunately, no. You must not use the solution on injured or irritated skin. Please wait until the affected areas are completely healed before using.

Why does the cotton fall off, not stick?

This always happens when the cotton wool is not well saturated with the solution and therefore the liquid has too little contact with the skin.

Please divide the cotton wool into as thin layers as possible before use, the thinner the better. You only need the cotton wool to "hold" the solution on the skin. If the cotton wool is nice and thin and the solution has been applied correctly, the skin will shimmer through the wetted cotton wool!

Correctly done you need much less solution for the same effect.

Can I use the solutions during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

All Mr. Fuss products are ordinary cosmetic products. For cosmetic products there are basically no special aspects regarding pregnancy. If you want to be sure, ask your doctor. The ingredients of the products can be found on the respective product page in the tab "Article data", section "INCI".

What is the PZN number?

With the PZN number, your pharmacist in Germany can identify our articles clearly in the pharmacy's internal data system. This enables you or your pharmacist to procure our articles. The PZN number therefore enables you to procure our products in the pharmacy of your choice. You will find the PZN number on each article page on the "Data" tab.

The bottle says blindness danger?

The Mr. Fuss Active Solution (No. 1 and No. 4) contains an alkaline solution. Proper handling is urgently required. Mr. Fuss solution should also be kept out of the reach of children. However, if you follow the instructions, handling is safe. Please look in your cupboard of household cleaners and read the warnings on the individual products. Even the simple shampoo in the shower seems to be dangerous on closer inspection. The safety instructions are required by law, and also serve as a limitation of liability for the manufacturers!

How long are the solutions durable?

For products that can be stored unopened for more than 3 years, it is sufficient to indicate the shelf life in relation to the opening of the packaging. In the case of Mr. Fuss Solution No. 1 and No. 4, the shelf life is guaranteed for 12 months after opening. You can recognize this information by the symbol with the opened jar on the packaging and the corresponding indication of months (e.g. "12M").

Sofern Sie auf der Faltschachtel unserer Produkte neben dem Tiegel-Symbol zusätzlich einen Code finden, etwa nach dem Muster “ 20-04-21″ handelt es sich dabeium das Produktionsdatum der Faltschachtel. Dieser Code dient lediglich der Chargenrückverfolgung und ist kein Ablauf- oder Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum.

Can athlete's foot be treated with it?

I'm afraid it's a definite no. Athlete's foot is a disease of the skin! Please do not experiment on yourself. Visit a specialist!

Can I do the application without cotton wool?

Sorry, this is only theoretical! In fact, the cotton wool "holds" the solution on the skin, so that it can act into the skin. If you would just put the solution on the skin, it would flow everywhere. The solution has the consistency of water. The advantage of the cotton wool (wetted) is that it "holds" the solution in place, but does not absorb it (like cellulose, for example) and therefore does not impair the effect.

Is the application also suitable for diabetics?

In view of the fact that diabetics and risk patients (e.g. people who take blood thinners) must not be injured, the Anti-Corneal Anti-Growth System is certainly an interesting alternative due to the gentle removal and treatment method and thus represents a significant advantage for this group of people in the removal of cuticles and the treatment of corneas. To be on the safe side, please talk to your doctor first.

Is the application also suitable for children?

If your child is older than 3 years, there is no reason not to, but we have often noticed that parents want to "treat" one or the other "blemish" of their children for aesthetic reasons. Please consider carefully whether cuticle removal has any physical advantages for your child. Many things will take care of themselves in the course of development. We are of the opinion that an intervention in the body's own regulatory mechanisms should only be carried out when there is a real reason to do so! Please also consider that you should first of all carry out tests with shorter exposure times for your child.

I have a corn, does it go away with the solution?

There are some good reasons why you should leave the removal to someone who does it professionally. The cornea consists entirely of cornea. Inside, there is usually a core of compressed cornea that needs to be removed. We advise you: Please take a cornea to a specialist or to a pedicurist.

Does the solution also help with ingrown toenails?

The ingrown toenail is a problem that especially the ladies often have to deal with. The most frequent cause of the adhesions are aesthetic reasons. Toenails are cut "round" for beauty reasons. The nails become too short and adhesions of cuticle develop at the transition to the nail bed. If the nail cannot grow out, inflammation can also occur. You can solve these cornifications in time with the solution. The nail can grow out of the nail bed better. Please cut the toenails always straight (same as toes). This is healthier and prevents the described problem. If the problem persists, please consult a doctor.

Does the No 1 or No 4 also help with warts?

No. The wart is usually a viral infection of the skin and should be treated by a specialist or a suitable caregiver.

Hardly anything goes away, am I doing something wrong?

Please note that our system is equipped with 2 solutions with different strengths. The results of the application can be correspondingly different. Please also note:

1. the treated skin areas must be dry

Watch out for dry skin. Sometimes a footbath is taken before the application. This is unfavourable for the treatment as the skin has already absorbed water and the solution cannot penetrate the skin.

2. the cotton wool should only be used thinly

Sometimes a thick wad of cotton wool is used. Although the cotton wool is sprinkled with the solution, unfortunately too little solution is applied to the skin area to be treated. A nice indicator is the fact that you can clearly see the wetted skin shining through the cotton wool. The thinner the cotton wool (it only serves as a carrier) the less solution is used.

My fingernails are turning yellowish?

Unfortunately, this can be observed with users in isolated cases. Usually these slight discolorations are accompanied by very soft nails and too long exposure times. The discoloration dissolves by itself within a few days. To avoid this, you can cover the nails with fat cream before the treatment. Even better: you use the solution directly on painted nails.

So I don't need to go to a pedicure anymore?

That depends on what your foot care has done so far. You cannot replace the whole spectrum of a chiropody studio by using Mr. Foot Solution. By the way, a visit to the foot care studio may also be a question of "pampering".

But more and more chiropodists are also using our solution in practice. Just ask for it or recommend our products to them.

Should you bathe your feet first?

No. This is one of the most common sources of error. Please apply the Mr. Foot solution directly to dry skin. If the skin is moist (this is the case after bathing) the solution cannot work well. The result could be unsatisfactory.

That's right: Treat the cuticles and calluses on hands and feet with Mr. Foot. Afterwards, a relaxing foot bath can replace the rinsing process, for example. Your feet will thank you for it.

Do I have to let the solution work longer if I have a strong cornea?

Please observe the times given in the application recommendations as far as possible. Too long application times lead to drying of the treated skin areas. In order to achieve an efficient removal in case of severe cornification, it may be necessary to repeat the application in intervals of several days.

What is the difference between No. 1 and No. 4?

Basically, the two solutions differ mainly in the intensity of their effect. Those who have discovered the advantages of gentle manicure and pedicure without the use of sharp or rough tools may want to use the procedure with more intensity.

While No. 4 has a normal keratolytic (i.e. horn-dissolving) effect, No. 1 is noticeably stronger.

For beginners we recommend the use of No. 4 or our Starter Kit, which contains both solutions.