Hands leave an impression: How your hand care influences the first time you get to know them

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The first impression is formed within the blink of an eye. Your subconscious mind scans your counterpart and forms a picture of him that is difficult to correct. Within 90 seconds, you have made up your mind and decided what you think of your conversation partner. Your hands are your business card for your personal hygiene and your self-worth. Thus, whether in everyday life, on the first date, customer meeting or job interview, you can promote a positive impression with the right hand and nail care.

The first impression counts

Within a tenth of a second we have created a first impression of our counterpart. Now there are another 90 seconds left in which we feed and consolidate our perception. After one and a half minutes we now have a picture of our counterpart that is difficult to change. Because the first impression usually remains and also mostly corresponds to the truth.

The first impression is created subconsciously and is, probably due to evolution, very precise. However, optical factors usually determine the first impression, which means that you can at least partially influence the perception of your counterpart. These factors influence your further relationship:


  • eye contact
  • Facial expressions
  • Gestures
  • Posture
  • Clothing
  • Fitness
  • Care
  • Attractiveness
  • Fragrance
  • Language


Well-groomed hands on the first date

The above mentioned aspects influence your appearance. Depending on how you want to appear, you can therefore influence the impression you make on your counterpart. Interestingly, men and women form your impression in different ways. Although all factors are taken into account, priority one to three are considered as decision criteria for a second date. But one thing in advance: Both sexes consider personal hygiene and a well-groomed appearance to be extremely important.

This is how a man makes an impression

  • Priority 1) - Your external appearance

    According to surveys, the visual appearance is of utmost importance for men. In addition to a symmetrical face, dress style and, in most cases, natural make-up, good body and hair care play a major role.

    Soft and well-groomed hands can indicate a well-groomed body here. In addition, the choice of nail polish should not be ignored. Clear nail polish looks natural and well-groomed. A dark red, for example, can look elegant and self-confident, while shrill colours often put you off.

  • Priority 2) - Your facial expressions

    Men also subconsciously perceive your facial expressions very clearly. Especially eye contact and a friendly smile are important. If a man is looking for a strong power woman, he finds long-lasting eye contact attractive. In contrast, frequent blinking and looking down is perceived as playful and girlish.

  • Priority 3) - Your smell

    The smell is perceived by men mainly in a negative way. Heavily perfumed women are often perceived as unkempt and less likeable. Women who do without perfume are often even perceived as more attractive. It is better to wear freshly washed clothes, shampoo your hair extensively and apply some body lotion. This creates a subtle, well-groomed fragrance.

high-five one's hands

This is how a woman makes her impression

  • Priority 1) - The smell

    For women, "the chemistry must be right" and their sense of smell is particularly responsible for this. Women like the smell of perfume on their date. According to this, perfumed men are considered more groomed and attractive. But everything in moderation please. The deodorant shower is still considered a no-go!

  • Priority 2) - The external appearance

    The optical appearance is also an important criterion. Here, the personal hygiene of the man is inspected in particular. By the way, a woman's gaze usually wanders from her eyes directly to her hands. According to this, well-groomed fingernails are an important criterion for assessing the personal hygiene of the person opposite. Oral hygiene is also of great importance. Fresh breath and white teeth increase his attractiveness.

    By the way, in terms of physique, muscular men are perceived as brave and powerful, while slim men appear intelligent and down-to-earth.

  • Priority 3) - The language

    Language also analyses the female subconscious. Language and gestures must match in order to create trust. In addition, the pitch and volume of your voice, as well as a clear pronunciation make an impression.

Your business card at the job interview

Your appearance also influences your career. According to studies, it is not only competence but also appearance that determines whether you get the job you want. A well-groomed appearance is particularly important in customer contact and professions with a fixed dress code, such as in the hotel industry.

According to this, the wrong choice of clothes and a lack of personal hygiene are KOK criteria for personnel managers. In addition, you look well-groomed as long as your skin, hair and hands are convincing. A clean skin and an even complexion make a well-groomed impression. This means that men can also use a concealer for job interviews. The hair may be combed again before the interview and some hair perfume can be helpful, especially for smokers.

Hand care

Furthermore, HR managers like to use the welcoming handshake to get an impression of their applicants. The handshake should be firm and as dry as possible. Sweaty hands appear subconsciously repulsive and also not very competent. Reach for a handkerchief again before the interview.

Furthermore, soft hands look well cared for, which is why it is recommended to use a hand peeling and fat-free hand cream before a job interview. Smokers should also remove yellow discolouration on their fingers the day before. Simply quarter a lemon and rub each hand with it for one minute. Let the acid work in for another minute and then wash your hands thoroughly.

Nail Care

The nails should not protrude more than 3mm from the fingertips and excess cuticles should be removed. In addition, a natural polish of the nails is recommended for professions with high hygiene regulations, such as food preparation or care. But also in other professions, the following applies: Please apply nail polish naturally to discreetly. A layer of clear nail polish looks well-groomed or you can use a discreet nude tone.

The man's fingernails should only protrude a millimeter above the fingertips and excess cuticles should be removed. In addition, your nails will look more groomed if you file them after shortening. Corners and cracks, on the other hand, look unkempt. In some professions it can even be advantageous to have the nails polished or to apply a matt nail polish.

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