Removing the cornea is the right way to do it

Cornea removal is always announced at the latest when the first rays of sunshine arrive in spring and the prospect of wearing open shoes such as sandals or even flip flops is in the air. Then most people become aware that their own feet could soon be on display. So get to work.

But what is the best way to remove corneas?

Well, there are some methods, but not all of them are suitable to lead to the goal without creating new problems. The most common methods to remove corneas are grinding and rubbing, rasp, pumice stone or file are the most common, but also their extensions like electric pedicure instruments or professional grinding tools with diamond cutters and high speed revolutions are to be mentioned first. Together they have one essential disadvantage:

Rough surfaces of various grain sizes rub against the skin. However, they cannot only remove the cornea, but inevitably they also affect healthy skin, next to the cornea and underneath. This often leaves behind not only a "freed foot" but also roughened, good skin. This pressure of friction often leads to the formation of further calluses in places where there was no callus before. The problematic areas become larger and larger. Distances become more and more necessary.

They wanted to remove corneas and somehow achieved exactly the opposite.

Cutting is also not effective, at least not if you want smooth skin as a result. Because the cuts always leave a hard cutting edge. Instead of a baby round heel, an opulent facet cut will soon adorn your outermost extremities.

Even if one does not want to take a critical look at "corneal removal" with a scalpel or similar instruments as just described with a pinch of humour, the danger of cuts alone leaves a considerable risk of injury, so that diabetics, for example, are strongly advised against using such methods.

Remove cornea with a cream?

With great before/after pictures and the intensive promotion of innovative recipes, potential customers are continuously shown how a strongly horny foot can travel back in time after regular application of the cream over a period of time. Adventurous. If one asks users from the private circle, not in advertising television, one will usually have the less pleasant experience that it did not bring the desired success. How could it? Corneas are dead skin cells. They do not flake off by themselves and are mostly compressed by pressure, i.e. squeezed together. A cream will neither breathe life back into them, nor can it remove this massive amount of skin. This is why creams are usually not suitable for removing calluses.

There are of course still some exotic procedures. For example the nibble fish, which came into fashion 1-2 years ago. On the one hand, these are apparently not very effective, because they cannot remove even strong corneas as desired, and on the other hand, this method is apparently also hygienically questionable, so that the British health authority even issued a warning.

Or for example so-called household remedies, such as a urine bath. It is doubtful whether such methods will find many friends from a hygienic or aesthetic point of view. Nevertheless, most household remedies offer a reasonable approach. They aim to soften the cornea, which is usually hard, dry and inflexible. If one would like to assume that this is successful, however, grinding is usually resorted to again; after all, one really wants to remove corneas in the last step, and not just soften them.

But do what?

It does not look particularly advantageous on closer inspection of conventional procedures.

Don't worry, you can remove corneas and proceed in a goal-oriented manner without undesirable side effects.

Goal-oriented here means that you remove cornea, literally, and what remains is a beautiful soft skin, and the procedure should not cause the cornea to grow more and more, and return faster and faster.

And your luck is, exactly on this website we present you a system that follows exactly this plan. So you are almost there and maybe tomorrow you will be able to remove corneas without the disadvantages we have described here before.

Mr. Fuss has been involved in the removal of corneas for about 10 years. Today, this has resulted in a system care concept that takes up and professionalises the approach of softening corneas and enables their subsequent removal even without the counterproductive grinding or rubbing. There is no better way!

Get to know the "Anti-corneal, anti-wax system" of Mr. Fuss now,

and stop wasting time removing corneas with the wrong methods. Pushing is the new grinding. Just do it differently says Mr. Fuss and wishes you lots of fun removing corneas in the future:



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