Callus remover solution - why it is so good!

Cornea remover solution - why it is good!

Do your feet just not want to get smooth and soft? The usual cornea removal often leads to a roughening of the skin. You may have gotten rid of some calluses - but the desired effect usually does not occur. Edged spots and cracks under the foot are omnipresent. Mr. Foot has a Cornea remover solution developed with which your feet look sustainably smooth and healthy.

In the following article you will learn why common methods usually do not lead to satisfactory results and can even be dangerous. Furthermore, we will introduce you to a gentle way of getting your feet baby soft again without injury.

What are the common problems associated with corneal removal?

There are many ways to get rid of your cornea. But not all are the optimal choice. Very few systems actually result in soft heels and the ball of the foot. You can file, rasp, cut, plane, rub or cream - but all these techniques have their problems.

The Corneal Rasp and the file are the most commonly used techniques for corneal removal. Also the electric corneal removers enjoys increasing popularity and is nevertheless only a faster variant of the old mechanics. The main problem with these techniques is that almost without exception they lead to rough skin on the feet. You remove your calluses, but with every cut, the healthy skin is also damaged. A smooth result is not to be expected. Furthermore, the damage leads to the skin having to regenerate itself and thus new calluses are quickly formed.

Alternatives are offered by the Corneal plane or the Pumice. But one cannot really speak of alternatives. Those who remove their cornea with a plane use a sharp blade to peel the cornea from their foot in strips. You can certainly imagine that the risk of injury is high. You cannot expect a round heel either. Each strip leaves behind rough edges that are difficult to conceal. The pumice stone does not present a risk of injury, but it stores germs and bacteria. In addition to the unhygienic circumstances, the friction of pumice stone leads to porous and rough skin.

Then apply the cornea remover cream or the chapped ointment immediately. The result of these supposed solutions is also doubtful. Can a cream simply dissolve your cornea in air? We think that these creams are more likely to prevent cornea formation than to conjure away the existing one.

Then there is probably no way around professional foot care. In fact, even chiropodists usually use the instruments listed above. However, they use the methods more skilfully than the layman, so that cracks and edges are usually not noticeable. However, the beautiful result remains only for a short time. The cornea quickly forms again and you need another appointment. Some chiropodists now use our or comparable solutions. Ask in advance which method your chiropodist uses.

Let's summarize the problems of common corneal removal again:

    • You will not get a desirable smooth result with the well-known methods.
    • Most methods lead to rougher, rather than softer, skin on the heels and balls of feet
    • You also damage the healthy skin of your feet, which quickly produces new calluses.
    • The corneal plane in particular carries a high risk of injury.
    • The pumice stone also stores germs and bacteria and is therefore very unhygienic.

Cornea remover solution - The advantages of previously softened cornea

If you look around for home remedies for corneal removal, you will find numerous tips and tricks. However, tea tree oil, apple vinegar, camomile tea bags and co. have one thing in common. Their aim is to soften the cornea in advance so that it can be removed more easily afterwards. In fact, a foot bath before removal is also recommended for the above mentioned techniques. Mr. Fuss has studied this common ground in more detail and has developed a corneal remover solution that focuses on exactly this softening.

Because softened corneas can be removed more easily without question. But Mr. Fuss' softener goes one step further. Its keratolytic effect loosens the cornea from the skin and gives it a gelatinous consistency. Once you let the solution take effect, you no longer need sharp tools. You can now simply push the excess skin off your foot with a gentle slide.

In this way you avoid the problems of other mechanics. You get a smooth result and a soft foot. Because your healthy skin is not damaged, so there are no cracks or rough surfaces. You also get a lasting result. If you also use the care products we have developed for after-treatment, the smooth result will last for a particularly long time. Because plenty of care ensures that your calluses do not re-form too quickly. The risk of injuring yourself with the cornea remover solution or a blunt scraper is also very low.

Overall, the application of Mr. Fuss' corneal softening solution is more effective, pleasant and hygienic. You get a lasting beautiful foot and that without putting a lot of energy into the cornea removal. The solution is put on some cotton wool and during the application time you can relax and put your feet up. Afterwards you push the excess skin off your foot, wash off any remaining residue and ideally apply cream to your foot. In this way you will get well-groomed feet quickly and in a relaxed manner. Cleaning your bathroom floor afterwards is also no longer necessary. While the corneal dust spreads in the bathroom during the usual cornea removal, Mr.Fuss binds your cornea to a gelatinous mass. You can immediately put the skin on a handkerchief or something similar and throw it in the trash.

The cornea remover solution from Mr. Fuss offers you the following advantages:

      • Your cornea is effectively soaked and can be easily removed.
      • You no longer need sharp tools. With our blunt slider you simply push the cornea off your foot.
      • You get a soft foot without cracks, edges or rough spots.
      • You will not damage the healthy skin on your foot.
      • You get a sustainable result.
      • The cornea removal is more pleasant and without risk of injury.
      • The cornea remover solution does the work for you while you put your feet up.
      • No more corneal dust is spread on the floor. The gelatinous mass can be pushed directly onto a cloth and thrown into the trash.


Usual methods of corneal removal usually do not lead to the desired result. In many cases the feet become rough and porous. Even with subsequent moisturizing cream, the foot often looks dry and unhealthy. Well-groomed feet rarely look well-groomed. The cornea remover solution from Mr. Foot offers you a new approach. The solution effectively softens your calluses so that you can easily remove them with a blunt slider. The result: a smooth and well-groomed foot without injury or effort.

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