Cornea removal on the promenade

And who should not be missing at such a beautiful event? That's right, Mr. Fuss is there too!

Because during the Easter event, along the promenade in Warnemünde there will be the presentation of the nice Mr. Fuss partner among other offers. And that means for all interested visitors:

Now it has worn off!

Because anyone who has watched Mr. Fuss should know from now on that there are never nice smooth feet as long as you rub your feet with rubbers and knives. Our partner will not only explain to you vividly how conventional cornea removal usually leads to the cornea becoming thicker and the heels remaining rough. He will also show you how easy and gentle cornea removal can be, if the right methods and products are used. All this as it should be in live and in colour.

Whoever then understands and wants to change the circumstances immediately has the opportunity to take advantage of a unique Mr. Fuss bargain at the stand of the Mr. Fuss Partner in Warnemünde after the demonstration. Because only in the promotion you will have the pleasure to buy the special advertising filling, and thus to save considerably! Do not miss this opportunity!

From 01. to 06.04.2015 on the promenade in Warnemünde near Rostock


And then, of course, as always, for all the others who are not near Easter:

Right here in the Mr. Fuss | Direct - Onlineshop you can order everything that Mr. Fuss has to offer. Reliable and fast, we deliver daily with Germany's largest parcel service DHL, so that you might already have your order in your hands tomorrow and can start immediately with the gentle removal!

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