Cornea removal with a scalpel Pedicure victims on television

Absolutely worth seeing for everyone who is interested in the topic pedicure, is a report that was on television yesterday, on the channel SAT1. Ulrich Meyer shows in the file 2014 the contribution "Dumping pedicure in the test (watch video here)".

It is clear that Mr. Fuss, as a representative of cut-free and friction-free cornea removal, is paying special attention to the case of the young Gaby from Augsburg. The customer of a "medical foot care" suffered a serious cut of the nerve of the big toe during a "cornea removal with a scalpel" in 2011 according to the article!

A wound that was sutured with 5 stitches and an impairment of life that continues to this day, due to the fact that the Augsburg woman can no longer walk and walk naturally, are the consequences. The "foot care victim" can only put pressure on her injured foot laterally on the outer edge. Natural movements are thus no longer possible.

Certainly an isolated case, but the strikingly reconstructed incident in the article (approx. from minute 3:20) shows that an in itself simple matter, such as a cornea removal, can also have serious and in the case of the Augsburg woman shown here, unfortunately, apparently lasting consequences.

So why not do it without scalpel, cutting, grinding or rubbing?

In this respect, Mr. Fuss feels confirmed by the contribution shown in the sense of abandoning conventional methods of corneal removal. The anti-corneal, anti-wax system makes a gentle and immediately effective corneal removal possible. Neither scalpels nor rasp pumice stone or plane are needed, so the corresponding dangers are not given and that is most beautiful, you can look forward to smooth skin.

In the article shown on SAT 1, Mr. Fuss noticed something else that fits seamlessly into the argumentation for cornea removal without rubbing and grinding:

Head of cosmetic school critically points out the problems of milling

The film, which mainly follows its name and focuses on "dumping pedicure" with Gel-French modelling, is accompanied by the director Alexandra Nüske from the Berlin School of Cosmetics. She evaluates the performance of the tested pedicure institutes from a hygienic and above all professional point of view. Towards the end of the article, at about minute 07:15, she remarks on the removal of nail polish in a beauty salon shown above

"For example, the nail polish was simply milled down with the milling cutter instead of taking it down with nail polish remover, which of course completely destroys the nail"

Mr. Fuss takes the liberty of asking the rhetorical question, how such a milling machine could prevent the cornea removal from "completely destroying" the healthy skin under the cornea in the same way?

Do not worry about trying to resolve the above contradiction and no longer expose yourself to the described dangers of corneal removal. Just do it differently!

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