Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz on the wrong track

This work "jan und olli", is a derivative of "Jan Böhmermann in Rostock 2014 04.jpg" by Jonas Rogowski, and "Olli Schulz 0040.JPG" by Franz Richter both used under CC BY SA. It is licensed under CC BY SA 3.0 by [Arwin_Dustdar].

A few open lines

Friends of the podcasts of the two opinion leaders and media heroes already know it: At the latest since "gentle and careful" and recently on Spotify with "firm and fluffy" can no longer be denied, the two love your feet and care for them with almost ritual devotion. As an act of relaxation, not only belts and trouser waistbands are opened and a glass of whiskey is provided, but regularly the "gelling" of the feet is part of the ceremony to indulge in a relaxed atmosphere of another episode of the regular audio contribution. At least that's how the one or other intro motivates. But last Sunday I couldn't believe my ears.

Two who know what's important.

I thought so far, yes, there are two who understand what matters. They regularly offer their feet an appropriate space in their podcasts. They praise themselves for the attractiveness of their extremities and report on the value they place in their appreciation. Cool, I thought. With Böhmernann and Schulz, feet get the attention they deserve. But in the latest episode "The History of Mankind" (dated 10.07.2016) I almost fell off the stool. Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz come out here as passionate grinders. One of them reveals that he always licks the pumice stone "and when it's nice and wet, he always rubs his feet over it afterwards", the other one "rasped his feet off" during the German game against Italy (EM 2016) because it was so much fun (the rasping? the game?). As a result, Olli Schulz also admits that his feet look "like a dried up river" from below. Jan Böhmernann explains that the first signs of decay when you approach 30 start at the feet. The skin would then gradually become dry, and one would then have to apply "countercreams" (approx. minute 16 to 18).

"Can you also grate parmesan", thanks Jan!

That was then also the most sensible thing you said in this context and subsequently. Friends, haven't you asked yourselves why all this is happening? Have you never googled the ultimate solution in corneal removal? Have you really never been on Mr. Fuss' side? Wake up, friends! There are also beautiful feet without the need for ribbons.

In this video you will learn in just 2 minutes how to continue to make a slim foot in real Birkenstocks and why the feet from below can still look like a smooth child's bottom even after 30 years.


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The secret is: To do without grinding! And if you want to deepen the topic, you can also find the corresponding arguments under the following links.


  • How does cornea develop?
  • Is cornea necessary?
  • What happens during grinding?
  • What do all those who don't know better say?

As a reward there is then for you and of course for all Fest & Fluschig fans on the two complete packages (Starter Kit and Starter Kit Edition Excell) discount 20% discountuntil I am back from holiday on 15.08. and I don't feel like doing this kind of tutoring anymore. Until then you and all others just give "FIRM & FLUSH" (without quotation marks) in the corresponding field (voucher code) in the order process after you have put one of the two articles into the shopping cart.

P.s.: Jan, my two homies, René and Thorsten, are from Bremen and are very well versed in cornea removal. If you want I can put in a good word for you and then they will show you how to do it right the next time you come home for soup!

Greetings from L'Ampolla, your Arwin (Mr. Fuss), who is already looking forward to the next episode F&F.

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