Jasmine is thrilled! So are we.


Find with one of our offers on amazon.com. This is where customer Jasmin got to the heart of the matter with her description. Many customers probably went and left in this or a similar way. 

Not many customers take the trouble to publish their enthusiasm. Understandably so, because it takes a little effort and costs valuable time. All the more reason for us to be happy if they do it anyway. So the following find is from a customer who is Review Jasmine. We don't know what Jasmine looks like, but let's imagine, like in the photo above, or maybe something like that. Jasmin writes the following in January:

"I've tried everything possible for a really long time to get rid of the annoying calluses on my feet. So far, nothing has really helped convincingly. By chance I found this product and am really enthusiastic. Ordered yesterday and delivered today. The description is easy to understand with corresponding pictures. Soak cotton wool (supplied) with the liquid and apply it to the cornea. Let it work for max. 10 minutes and then scrape it off properly with the metal scraper (which reminds me of a dull children's knife). Works perfectly. As I have very thick corneas, I would say that a good 80-90% was removed with the first application. And I strongly assume that I will get rid of the last percentages in a few days after a 2nd application. I definitely recommend (and have already done so) this product and would also give 6 points if possible".

That's a statement! Does this look familiar to you?

"I've tried everything for a really long time, but so far, nothing has really helped."

We know that's how many people feel. Why is that? Because, basically. common methods on the mechanical abrasion of cornea, so that unfortunately almost always more cornea is created at the end.

And anyway, Jasmine does everything right. She deals with the brochure which explains everything again in detail and she does not expect miracles, but is happy about the amazing result already with the first application and she knows that a lot of cornea needs a few more applications!

That's right, Jasim. And thanks for taking the trouble to share your experience. 

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