Mr. Fuss makes even dogs happy...

It's hard to believe, but apparently even dogs profit from the fabulous effect of Mr. Fuss. So you can read in the following customer letter which reached us via e-mail these days. We are especially pleased when and when customers, like here, share their experiences without being asked. Honestly, is there a better advertisement?

We would like to thank Mrs. Astrid v.d.W.


Thanks for your great product

Dear Sirs,

I received your address from my friend who bought your product at the Hanse Life in Bremen. She was thrilled and, as I too have to struggle with big problems, i.e. pressure points, due to the malposition of my feet, she strongly recommended me to buy your product.

No sooner said than done, after only 3 applications I can finally step in again without pain. Without a cornea plane, long soaking of the feet, small plasters etc. I am absolutely thrilled and can only recommend your product without any ifs and buts, which I will do. Thank you for your great product, says my dog, who now has a mistress who likes to run 10 kilometres with him.

With kind regards

Astrid von der W.

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