This is how you can make your baby boomer nails yourself with nail polish

Babyboomer Fingernails

Babyboomer Nails make your fingernails look especially natural and are very trendy. In the studio Babyboomer is the most popular look and there are already numerous instructions for do-it-yourself work. Since these usually require a lot of nail equipment and a UV lamp, this article explains a simple variation, with nail polish and without UV gel. Try it out!

What are baby boomer nails?

Babyboomer nails are a subtle nail design, whereby the look of the French manicure, through a gentle progression from the French tip to the nail bed, gets a particularly natural look.

What do you need for baby boomer nails without UV gel?

  • Nail undercoat
  • Base colour (e.g. an opaque nude tone)
  • white French lacquer
  • Top-Coat
  • Make-up sponge

Babyboomer nails: Step-by-step guide

With the following instructions you can easily create the baby boomer look on your fingernails:

Step 1) Preparation

If there are still residues of old nail polish on your nails, these must of course be removed first. An acetone-free nail polish remover is recommended. While removers containing acetone dry out the cuticle and lead to brittle nails, an acetone-free nail polish remover contains caring substances and thus cleans your nails as gently as possible.

To create a naturally groomed look, it may also be necessary to remove excess cuticles. Mr. Fuss has developed a special softener for particularly easy handling. You simply pluck some cotton wool into shape, place it on your fingertip and add some solution. Then press the cotton wool so that the skin shines through. Lean back for a moment, remove the cotton wool, gently push your cuticle and the skin is already removed. Wash your fingers quickly and you can start with the next step.

Step 2) Form the nails

If you would like to shorten your nails considerably in advance, it is recommended to use nail nippers. It shortens the nail more gently than nail scissors, you don't have to ask too much of your file and save some time. However, leave one to two millimetres more than desired when taking pictures. This way you can shape your nails in a relaxed manner afterwards.

To shape the nails you should file continuously in one direction. Make sure not to set the nail file too high to avoid unsightly cracks. By the way, oval nails look especially good on wide nails, while narrow nails look great on square nails.

Baby boomer nails

Step 3) Apply nail lacquer

Now it's time to get to the nail polish! First you need a good base. By starting with a base coat, you can even out small unevennesses, avoid discolouring the nails and the coloured nail polish adheres better. Let the base coat dry patiently for a beautiful end result.

Step 4) Apply base colour

Now you may apply your base colour. The most important thing is that it is opaque. A beautiful nud tone or a soft rosé gives your fingernails a particularly natural look.

Step 5) Paint the French Tip

Now brush the white lacquer on the French tip of the nail. Take care not to paint too much white area, because the nail polish will be spread a little bit towards the nail bed in the next step.

Step 6) Use the sponge to create a gradient

Before the paint dries, take your sponge quickly to hand. Now dab (under no circumstances paint) the white nail polish slightly towards the nail bed, until a blurred transition is created.

Tip: In order to intensify the flow, you can brush some varnish on the nail tip.

Step 7) Apply Top Coat

The first layer of your top coat is used to give the matt appearance a shiny finish. Apply it over the entire nail and let the layer dry. Then apply a second layer. It seals your nail design and provides again for additional shine. Et voilá! The Babyboomer Nails are ready.

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