Summertime is bubble time?

blisters on the feet

Tips and tricks against blisters on the feet

In summer our feet prefer to wear sandals, ballerinas, pumps or slippers. Of course we want to wear the summer shoes barefoot. It's warm after all. With the summery shoe habit, the unpleasant companions come pretty quickly: chafed skin, unpleasant smells and blisters on the feet. Ouch! But you don't have to take that on yourself and you don't have to give up summer shoes, let alone wear them. Painless feet can be so easy!

Prevention: Widen tight shoes

Above all, the ballerinas, who are loved and avoided in equal measure, quickly give the ladies one or two blisters. You can easily prevent this! To have your shoes dilated, you can take them to the cobbler. If you want to save yourself time and money, there are alternatives:

Blow dry:

A popular method of expanding tight shoes yourself is the following:

You put on your thick winter socks and slip into your shoes for a few minutes. Then you blow-dry your shoes with hot air. Now put on the shoes again, including wool socks, until the shoe has cooled down. If the shoe is still too tight, simply repeat the whole process until the desired result is achieved.

Raw potato:

With raw potatoes you can widen your shoes and also remove the bad smells from your shoes. Simply take a large potato, peel it and place it in your shoe overnight. The next morning, remove the potato and clean the shoe with a damp cloth.

Alcohol and water:

To adapt the shoe to your foot, you can prepare a stretching spray. You simply fill a spray bottle half full with alcohol. Fill the other half with water. Now spray the inside of your shoes and start to shrink them until the shoe is dry.

barefoot in the rain

Avoid bubbles on the way

There you have put on your new summer shoes for your date and suddenly the shoe rubs your skin. The next blister is coming. You can still escape the bubble with an alcohol-free deodorant roller. Simply roll the deodorant over the insides of your shoes and your feet will remain bubble-free! Alternatively, you can also buy a foot care stick. No larger than the well-known lip care sticks, it is the ideal size for when you are out and about and your feet are not exposed to any friction.

Treating blisters feet

If you could not avoid the blisters on your feet after all, it is not recommended to remove the overlying skin. Let the skin protect your wound as long as possible. If you peel off the skin on the blister, you will not accelerate the healing process. On the contrary: the wound is now open and this can lead to inflammation. If the blister is already painful and you need to treat it immediately, you can pierce it with a sterile needle to release the pressure.

Feet in socks

Accelerate bubble healing

To speed up the healing of blisters, you can get special blister plasters. The hydrocolloid promotes healing and protects the sore spot from further pressure. Do not hesitate for long before you apply a patch. The sooner you put the patch on, the smaller the blister will remain. The patch does not need to be changed every day. Leave the blister to heal in peace and only then remove the patch.

Summertime is ballerina time!

Now we can finally go shopping in ballerinas without any worries. The next shoe shop may also offer pumps and sandals again, because we are prepared!

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