Our feet are remarkable!

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10 facts about the forgotten everyday heroes

What we would be without our feet can be seen in the ancient Chinese custom of the lotus feet. In those days it was a tradition to break the feet of young girls and tie them. At an age of about five years, girls were forced to have their toes bound under the sole of their feet. These were bandaged and were not allowed to be loosened. The aim was to reach a size of 10 centimetres. This ideal of beauty not only caused the women unspeakable pain, it also taught us how much the deformed feet restricted these women in their everyday lives. At that time this lack of independence was intended. The women could hardly move and it was almost impossible for them to cover long distances. This led to a dependency on the spouse and was intended to promote his or her protective instinct. Today these women are socially disadvantaged, because without our feet even small challenges cannot be mastered.

Fact 1: 60% of the adults suffer from a malposition

Within the framework of a study, adult feet were examined in 16 European countries. It was found that 60% of the participants suffered from a malposition of the feet. Often we are not even aware of this malposition. However, the noticeable consequences will be familiar to some. Mostly back and joint complaints occur. Especially often knee problems are the result. The reason: Your body tries to compensate for the malposition and your posture changes.

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Fact 2: Women suffer 4 times more often from foot problems than men

Foot problems and their consequences are mainly a women's problem. Last but not least our preference for high heels contributes to this. Because even if we like the sexy pumps: Unfortunately they are not healthy for our feet. Therefore: Only take the hot torture shoes on special occasions and save a few centimetres of heel.

Fact 3: The biggest feet are 40 cm long

According to the "Guinness Book of Records", Jeison Rodriguez has the largest feet in the world. The 2 meter man, who comes from Venezuela, has a shoe size 66 and the length of his feet is an incredible 40 centimeters!

Fact 3: 90,000 sweat glands sit on just one sole of the foot

On the sole of our feet there are 90,000 sweat glands. Every day, our feet excrete about 500 millilitres of moisture and the warm, humid climate is particularly pleasing to bacteria. No wonder that unpleasant foot odour often becomes a problem. With regular foot care and breathable shoes, however, you can quickly put an end to this odour!

Fact 4: Our feet can withstand a weight of 2,500 tons a day

In just one day our feet carry an average weight of 2,500 tons. For comparison: This corresponds to about 2 single-family houses!

Fact 5: Our heels carry ¾ our body weight

Alone when standing, our heels ¾ carry our body weight. By the way, our Achilles tendon can bear up to a ton of weight.

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Fact 6: We orbit the earth 3 times in a lifetime

Our feet cover an average of 130,000 kilometres in a lifetime. This corresponds to no less than 200 million steps and 3 rounds around the earth.

Fact 7: 214 kilometres we shop every year

With shopping trips alone, we cover an average of 214 kilometres a year. That corresponds to about a 40-hour week.

Fact 8: A shopping trip can break our feet

After an extensive day in the shopping centre, our feet really hurt. Actually, there might even be a break behind it! If you are suddenly out on the road a lot on foot, a fatigue fracture can occur. The foot is no longer able to absorb the acute strain and the bone can break.

Fact 9: A quarter of our bones are in the feet

Our feet consist of 26 bones, 27 joints, 32 muscles and 107 ligaments. ¼ of our bones are in the feet. Nevertheless, we usually do not consider it necessary to strengthen and stretch our feet. Keeping the rest of the body fit nevertheless seems to be a matter of course. Why not try a few simple foot yoga exercises!

An uncomplicated exercise can look like this: You stand upright. Your feet have a maximum hip-wide distance between them. Now breathe in and lift your heels until you are standing on your toes and balls. Then breathe out again and slowly lower your feet back to the floor. Repeat this exercise 10 times a day. Your feet will thank you and your calves will also be trained with this exercise.

Fact 10: Our feet are equipped with 1,700 nerve endings

1,700 nerve endings are in our feet. Traditional Chinese medicine says that you wear your entire body on the soles of your feet. A foot reflex massage, for example, can relieve headaches and back pain.

Do you see your feet with different eyes now?

Our feet perform remarkably well. Now and then we should remember this and do something good for them. Perhaps you will treat your feet to a rich treatment or show them your appreciation with a soothing massage. In any case, now you know: your feet are definitely worth paying attention to!

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