Creaming makes things round

Freely adapted from Sepp Herberger, also applies to the cornea removal "After the cornea removal is before the cornea removal" (and of course also after the cuticle removal).

In order for you to enjoy the full success of the whole system care, we would like to recommend that you do not forget to take care of your feet (and of course your hands), especially not the time between corneal removals. Especially the prevention of cornea formation plays an important role in the fact that you will come closer and closer to your goal of having to undergo cornea removal less and less often. It is precisely here, in the aftercare, that the strength of the Mr. Foot Anti-Corneal, Anti-Agrowth System is evident in its entire range. In contrast to cheap offers, which you can partly discover on the internet, Mr. Fuss' care products with their well thought-out formulas have a particular advantage. The care balm from Mr. Fuss already has a high proportion (10%) of moisturising urea. With fine evening primrose oil and propolis extract, the cream also contains two other important components which are particularly suitable for the care of dry skin and are typically found in professional foot care cosmetics.

Apply cream afterwards

The new Hand-Excell Fluids from Mr. Fuss also have unusual ingredients that are usually found in high-quality facial cosmetics. In addition to an ideal proportion of 5% moisturizing urea for the hands, the various fluids contain shea butter or avocado oil, which are real anti-aging substances. Of course, the hands are a person's calling card, and why should you of all people be deprived of the best, right?

TIP: Please pay attention to high quality products, especially for aftercare, and take the time to compare ingredients!


Whether after cornea removal or after a manicure, care in the days after is just as important and deserves special attention. That is why we would like to give you a tip along the way:

Regular care and creaming, yes and absolutely. Especially if you have a tendency to dry skin. But most important, please don't overdo it. Too much care (e.g. several daily creams) can be counterproductive. Your skin may forget to take part in the supply of important nutrients and moisture itself.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to take care of the cornea after removal! And here are a few tips for application.