That's a smooth approach.

Cuticle removal with Mr. Foot is as easy as corneal removal and even faster. And this is how you proceed with cuticle removal:

  1. Pluck some thin layers of cotton wool the size of your fingertips (or your toe tips - it works on your feet, too!). Place these on the fingertips of one hand and moisten them with the keratolytic solution. Press the now moist cotton wool with the bottom of the bottle against the skin so that the skin shimmers through the cotton wool.
  2. Now let your hand and fingers rest for a few minutes so that the solution can soften the cuticle. Look forward to seeing how easy and effective cuticle removal with Mr. Fuss is. Completely without cutting!
  3. After the exposure time, remove the cotton wool. Now you can gently remove the softened cuticles with the special Multitool or with a cuticle pusher by simply pushing them away. This is how easy cuticle removal works today!
  4. Then just wash off briefly, and then apply the special hand fluid to your hands and fingers. Now simply repeat the procedure for your second hand.
Cuticle removal as follows's

THAT'S GREAT:  Because Mr. Fuss has 2 softeners, you can choose between "fast" or "fast & strong" softening solution, depending on the strength of the hardening!

Forget chipped nail beds and look forward to healthy curves on the "with Mr. Foot cared for" nail bed. Cuticle removal no longer has to be a nuisance or even painful. Casual is the new annoying!

MR. FOOT SAYS: But just as important as the removal of calluses and cuticles is the care in between. Therefore read here about aftercare!