There's a different way to do it.

Cornea remover thought differently. How about approaching the subject of corneal removers from a different angle? Mr. Fuss believes he can offer you an alternative that takes a completely different approach.

As you can see from many home remedies for corneal removal, removal is easier if the cornea has been softened beforehand.

Mr. Fuss has created a system that has developed this basic idea to such an extent that the softening of the cornea is the main focus. This means that it is no longer used only as a preparatory measure, and the actual removal, the mechanical act of ablating the cornea, is reduced to a few simple steps.

Sharp tools

Continuation of the household remedy principle makes it possible to dispense with grinding.

The immense advantage of this is that grinding, rasping, planing and similar actions can be dispensed with completely. And thus also the accompanying effects that these conventional methods produce. Please read our instructions for the corneal plane and the corneal rasp or pumice stone.

With the Mr. Fuss method, the "anti-corneal, anti-wax system", rough or sharp foot care equipment is consistently avoided. Instead, a solution, some cotton wool and a completely blunt pushing instrument is sufficient. This is your cornea remover without a grinding effect.

And since cornea and cuticle are essentially the same (dead skin cells), you can of course use the same methodology to attack the cuticle. So also do without nail scissors and other sometimes horrible cuticle removers and switch to a gentle method.

And because Mr. Fuss has worked intensively on this topic and is always striving for optimisation, the Mr. Fuss System is probably the only one that is equipped with two differently intensive softeners, with individual aftercare products for hand and foot and with high-quality ingredients such as urea, propolis or evening primrose oil.

MR. That's my method! Liquid cornea remover and no grinding. And this is the direct way to cornea removal.