This is how it works with an immediate effect.

This is how you should prepare the cornea removal or proceed with Mr. Foot when removing cuticles. If you are going to use Mr. Fuss' Anti-Corneal, Anti-Association System, it is good to take a little time and prepare a little bit. Because if you are honest, a little peace and quiet is usually the best way. The following tips are recommended by Mr. Fuss:

  1. Take a little time. To have a successful removal, do not do this application if you are in a hurry. Your feet also deserve a little attention. Plan on 20 - 30 minutes per foot for this cornea removal the first time, then you are on the safe side.
  2. Choose a placewhere you can move around easily. If you want to be comfortable, use a small bench or something similar to put your feet up on.
  3. Get it all ready, what you need for the application. These would be the products, the cotton wool, the pushing tools and ideally a towel that lies under your feet during the application time. A small bowl or similar to collect the waste for later disposal.
  4. Ideal it's if you need some water and a bowl to collect the water (about the size of a footbath bowl), you can also simply rinse your feet in the same place!
starter kit

At first sounds like a little more effort than corneal removal by rubbing in the tub, but it is not at all if you understand it as relaxing body care. Once you have done the application 1-2 times, it is a piece of cake, just like painting your nails.

On the following pages you will find out exactly how to proceed with Mr. Fuss for cornea and cuticle removal, and there are also some useful tips on how to use the device.

MR. Now the corneal resection can begin!