Gentle cornea removal with immediate effect.

Corneal resection. It's gentle on Mr. Foot. It's really easy and gentle, because you don't need any grinding or reaming tools anymore. And this is how you go about it

  1. Place a suitable, thin layer of special cotton wool on the corneal area to be treated and wet it with the keratolytic solution. Press the now moist cotton wool with the bottom of the bottle against the skin so that the skin shimmers through the cotton wool.
  2. You can now put your feet up and let it work for a few minutes. Enjoy the time of application perhaps with a good book or relaxing TV program, and look forward to the results that you can experience in a few minutes.
  3. After the soaking time, you can take the cotton wool down and get to work. Tip: Please make sure that the cotton wool and the skin underneath is still slightly moist. Otherwise you have taken too little solution or the exposure time was too long. With one of the special, always blunt removal tools you can now remove the cornea, soft as jelly. This is how cornea removal works today!
  4. Now briefly wash the feet or treated areas with ordinary water and then apply the foot balm. Done! Now repeat this procedure for the second foot.

That wasn't hard, was it? But you've just removed a fair amount of cornea with one pull. No rubbing, no sanding, no cutting. Just pushed away. Corneal removal can be that easy with Mr. Foot. See on the next page how the same principle can be used to remove cuticles.

MR. FOOTSTEETS SAGS: That's how it goes. And this is the way to the cuticle removal